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Nash grew up all over the West and Midwest, mostly in Utah, British Columbia, and Wisconsin. From Kindergarten to High School Nash went to eight different schools. As a kid, Nash played soccer and basketball. His first year of Highschool in Canada he started playing Rugby instead of Football and when his family moved back to Wisconsin he kept playing Rugby through Highschool. Nash grew up with Country music, his first favorite song was “I Wanna Talk About Me” by Toby Keith.

Nash studied English at Brigham Young Univerisity- Idaho and started working as an intern at Sandhill Media Group at the start of 2020 with Ranger Rick. Once the COVID shutdowns happened Nash started working part-time at Sandhill and enjoyed working in radio so much he basically refused to leave. Pretty soon after that, he found his way on air.  
He lives in Ammon with his amazing wife Taryn and when he’s not in the station you can find him rock climbing in the mountains and the Edge climbing gym, boating with his family, and coming up with new ways to make his wife laugh because he is and always will be, a dork.  

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